Our Process

We understand that small businesses have limited time, budget, and human resources. We employ established and efficient best design practices, integrated online tools, and easily implementable marketing strategies all with the single focus on your success.


Creating Your Website*

Distill your goals to your core competency or product offering.

Identify your ideal client/customer.

Leverage your existing assets such as logo, images, domain, and content, or create them for you.

Create your website using a simple to edit template.

Transfer the administration of your website to you, so you can easily edit your content. No ongoing management fees.


Designing Your Brand*

Design a simple and recognizable logo that is consistent with your business and style.

Curate a palette of free fonts and colors that represent your unique image.

Identify tag-lines which are the essence of what you do.


Establishing Customer Engagement*

Determine which online channels are appropriate for your business and band-width.

Create consistent and recognizable banners for social channels and an email marketing template.

Establish a simple marketing strategy and sample calendar that is executable within your available resources.


* We train you on all of the tools you need for successful implementation of your marketing strategy.



Our fees are dependent on the scope of your digital marketing needs. Since we utilize templates that require no custom coding, use stock images (or your images) and free fonts, and are focused on the essentials for your online presence, our prices are typically 1/2 of those quoted by other firms.  Let's chat about your needs!