Four Free Marketing Tools... and a Cheapy

Online ad services can be quite aggressive and convincing in trying to get your SMB marketing dollars.  Large promises with limp results are the norm.

Here are a few suggestions that are no to low cost and keep you top-of-mind with your clients and prospects.

HARO- be an expert and get free PR

HARO is short for “Help A Reporter Out”.  Are you an expert in your field and want to be quoted in an article requiring your expertise?  Do you have a product that is unique and perfect for gift idea blogs?  Want your product included in a swag bag at a swanky event?  HARO is for you and it’s free.  Sign up with HARO and receive a daily list of requests from reporters, bloggers, and event organizers.  The key is to respond quickly.  Give as much information as possible about yourself, your expertise, or your product.  Include a link to your website. – FREE

Medium- new viewers is a free publishing site that brings new eyeballs to your articles/blogs.  Are you writing fabulous blogs with little to no readership?  Medium enables your to publish your blog on their site which has millions of readers.  Medium readers find your article based on it’s topic and content.  They may amplify your article with a ‘claps’. Include a link from your Medium article to your website and gain new viewers. FREE

Mailchimp- communicate directly

Mailchimp is an email campaign tool… create Emails, Landing pages, Signup forms. With an email list of 2000 or fewer, you can send free beautifully formatted emails to your customers and subscribers.  Include images and buttons to maximize interest and focus the reader on your message. See who’s opened your email and clicked through to see more.  Be sure to review Mailchimp’s policy on email list acquisition. They want to be sure your subscribers opted-in to receive messages from you… no purchased lists or personal contact downloads. FREE

YELP- don’t pay, but leverage your great reviews!

Do you have great reviews on Yelp? Make sure your website visitors know about them.  Include a prominent link (button) from your website to your Yelp page so  visitors can find authentic reviews of your services, product, or store. FREE

Adroll- bring’em back

Bring your viewers back to your website with Adroll.  Have you noticed that side-bar ads seem to be customized to you based on websites you previously visited.  That’s what Adroll does; it brings your visitors back to your website. Set up a simple re-targeting campaign that pays per view, not per click. Your website visitors will be reminded of you every time they open their browser. CHEAP