Develop Your Brand

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Develop Your Brand

Branding is the small business equivalent of your personal style.  You choose your wardrobe to reflect who you are.  Whether comfort casual or glitter and glam, you wear what makes you feel good.  Often we choose an outfit based on where we are going and what message we want to transmit.  Do we want to look powerful or approachable, professional or artistic, intellectual or folksy?  We may also decorate our homes in a certain way.  Do we display our library for all to see, or is our children's art framed in the living room?  Are we minimalist in our decor style, country casual, traditional, shabby chic, etc.?  You get the picture.

The same is true for branding.  It reflects who you are as a business.  Ask yourself...

  • Who are you and what is your WHY?
  • Your Goals and Dreams: Where do you want to go?
  • Your Audience: Who do you want to attract?
  • Your Uniqueness: What sets you apart?
  • Your Style: What does your brand look and feel like? *

From those questions come the answers that create your unique brand.  Your logo, colors, fonts, images, design style, and most importantly, your story.  

Developing a brand can cost many thousands of dollars.  However, many small businesses can't afford a full-blown branding consultant.  There will be plenty of opportunities to do that when you are wildly successful and have the time and money to re-brand. 

In the meantime, you must be clear and consistent with the basics... For example, your logo can be a simple set of initials in a certain font and color set.  Use images that portray your product or service in a simple and clean way.  Use the same branding across all marketing channels... website, social, print, ads, email, etc.  Be consistent!